So, Now What?

July 10, 2013

One of the stranger aspects of getting older is the change in perception of time. As a kid, "five more minutes" was at least an hour long, and even as a teenager, waiting for things like the end of the school day or beginning of the weekend seemed to take eternities. Now, though? Five minutes is nothing, and a week can go by before I even notice it -- which is why I realized, with a bit of a start, that the album has been out for nearly a month now.


Sales have been promising, especially for someone with zero exposure, and I'm slowly but surely depleting the first run of the physical disc (in both its correct-artwork and oddly-magnified forms). But now the real question is "So, now what?" I told myself I'd give two years to see if I can make this full time singer-songwriter thing my primary source of income, and it seems like we're moving in that direction; I'm leaving the store job I'm currently at in a week, and I'll be starting a job as an accompanist at a music school in the fall. I've also got a radio campaign starting shortly, and hopefully that will lead to more exciting things.


Still, though, it feels like I should be doing more, that I'm not quite giving the record the attention it deserves. But then I realize that in only a week, I will hopefully be beginning to get some feedback from the lines we've cast, and I'm just antsy because of the wait.


Guess I've not gotten that much older.

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