Skope Mag: "Get Down" Review

Have you ever wanted to create a time machine and travel back to a time where things just seemed to make a lot of sense? 

MI2N: "Get Down" review

Jon Fuller is the passionate performer, singer, and songwriter who in an era of modern contemporary music has evolved through time with his traditional piano-pop with incredible instrumental flexibility and sophisticated compositions. Weaved with innumerable emotional crests and trough, his compositions are not only unique but equally vulnerable. 

Dancing About Architecture: "Get Down" review

I didn’t realise that people made records like this any more. But I’m certainly glad that they do. Joining dots on a line that runs back through artists such as Tori Amos, They Might Be Giants and Liz Phair and on to the likes of Randy Newman and earlier pre-pop vaudeville traditions, Fuller’s theatrical, groovy, jazz piano style is wonderfully at odds with most music being made today. Yet, Get Down is as fun and funky as anything that comes out of the pop laboratories of the mainstream music industry. 

Beach Sloth: "Get Down" Review

Jon Fuller offers a future for the ragtime big band sound with the highly unique intricate “Get Down”. Thoughtful articulate lyricism works wonders as it has a poetic beauty to it. 

The Bandcamp Diaries: "Get Down" Review

Jon Fuller is a talented artist who recently set out to release a brand new single, by the name of “Get Down”. This charming song is actually featured on Jon’s most recent studio effort, “The Art of Denial”. On the song, Jon really managed to show off his talent as a songwriter and as a lyrics. 

The Ratings Game: "Jon Fuller's 'Get Down' Is the Most Interesting Song You Will Hear Today"

I’ll keep it simple with you: “Get Down” is quirky and fun to listen to. It is powered by this lively beat that combines a myriad of our favorite band instruments together to create the equivalent of a musical circus. 

The Sound of Now: "Get Down" Review

Jon Fuller’s ‘Get Down’ is a one truly ear-pleasingly wonderful song.

‘Get Down’ from the release The Art of Denial by Jon Fuller is a true showcase of just why we love Fuller as an artist. 

PBS: Live Concert

Watch the entirety of Jon's Homegrown Music concert, aired on PBS February 5, 2015.

Interview: Out of the Woodwork

I chose to interview our guest today for a very simple reason: because listening to his music made me happy. Jon Fuller’s music is simple, beautiful. It’s clean. A collection of eleven cute love songs and life observations are the building blocks of his EP, Skipping Away from Dissonance. Some songs relied mostly on Fuller’s voice with only piano accompaniment, while others such as Time Machine were energetic hybrids of a full instrumental array. 

Renowned for Sound: One to Watch

Jon Fuller, a 25-year-old singer songwriter currently based out of New York City, has had music in his DNA as long as he can remember. At the age of two, he discovered the upright piano in his childhood home’s living room and picked out the melody to a Christmas carol. Piano lessons followed soon after, and until adolescence, Jon stayed strictly in the classical world; it wasn’t until he discovered other great pianist-singers such as Ben Folds, Tori Amos and Kate Bush that Jon uncovered his own need to make music.

George Graham: "Skipping Away from Dissonance" Review

About the most numerous and diverse genre of contemporary music is the singer-songwriter. Arising from the 1960s folk-music scene when Bob Dylan and others started doing their own songs instead of the traditional ones, singer-songwriters have become thoroughly ubiquitous and have evolved musically in same cases light-years from the original acoustic-guitar strumming configuration. Of course, the folkies still probably represent the biggest portion of the singer-songwriter scene, but practitioners run from straight-out rock to blues to electronic pop to jazzy. This week we have a new singer-songwriter record that I suppose could be considered a kind of progressive-rock. It's by Jon Fuller, and his CD is called Skipping Away from Dissonance.

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