What makes for a good show?

A self-proclaimed “listening room” space, where the person in charge makes sure you’ve got all the extension cords you need (and even has a keyboard stand for you).

A room full of people willing to go down the rabbit hole with you, willing to learn and sing along to the hook of a song you’ve never played before (and just as willing to spontaneously start singing along to the chorus of a song you’ve been playing for eight years now, hard as it is to believe).

A bag full of percussion toys, handed out during the last song.

Getting to be truly self-indulgent and sing songs both from Bare and by Alanis Morissette.

Front-loading the show with new(er) songs so that once you get to Ghost in the Mirror, it feels like hanging out with an old friend.

Forgetting the words to the second verse of Get Down like you always do, but laughing instead of cringing.

Singing Rather Be a Fish because you want to, because it’s a weird little song that you’re proud of.

Sometimes, all of the elements come together to create an experience that reminds you why you keep doing this.

I played my first live show close to ten years ago now, and I wrote my first song fifteen years ago. When there’s a room full of people watching you share something you’ve done for over half your life and all you can feel is joy and support reflected back at you? That’s what makes for a good show.

Thanks, Gus and everyone who came out to LIC Bar. You’ve made this li’l singer-songwriter’s heart grow three sizes.

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