Onward and Upward

Time flies when you're having fun, eh? And I've been having almost too much fun to be allowed. I'd said early this year that I'd begun the process of writing for the new album, and things have come a long way since then. No title yet, but a few things I do know:

13 songs

The first and last songs are in C major, cycling through the circle of 5ths along the way (once a music geek, always a music geek...) Lyric topics so far include depression and anxiety, end-of-life medical choices, capitalism, and religion (excited to be pulling no punches this time around)

Some of the songs are undoubtedly the most angry and upset I've been (musically, at least), while others are the most jubilant.

Hoping for it to be recorded over the summer next year, with a tentative release of September -- but then again, best laid plans.

So it's definitely a ride, though I think it's a pretty good one. To make it happen, I'm applying for a fellowship: fingers crossed!

Other exciting things! I filmed and released a music video this week, and have submitted it to a contest on Music Meets Video. Will keep you updated on how that all goes.

Also, I found out recently that "Time Machine" is going to be the hold music for the month of December at TheatreWorks in Palo Alto, which really just tickles me pink.

So yes. Lots of things brewing, which is exciting. I'll try to not let seven months go by without a peep next time.

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