I've always been drawn to the transitional seasons, fleeting as they are -- I think I've always liked the idea of progressing from somewhere to somewhere else, not yet at the far side of the pendulum swing. This is no more evident than at the beginning of autumn. This is probably a vestige of my school days, but I find myself getting restive and organizational in autumn: making plans for things that are much more likely to be followed through than at any other time of year; cleaning out closets (literal and figurative); making resolutions that I stick to with more vigor than those made in the dead of winter.

Since my last entry, I've seen some fruits of the radio campaign: I've been added to a few dozen radio stations, and am currently at #250 overall on the unweighted charts (this is a huge deal for me, both because I've never been on any sort of chart before, and Daft Punk's new record on the unweighted charts is a few spots below me). I also was, for a brief time, the #1 charting record on WVIA Scranton -- a station that also devoted a good chunk of time to reviewing the record on-air.

These days, I'm gearing up to perform live much more often than I had been before (read: 1 show in 2013 so far). I was partially galvanized by seeing a spectacular show at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC by Gregory Douglass and Myra Flynn to celebrate the release of the latter's most recent record. Both veterans of the DIY music scene, it was amazing to see them live.

I've got some exciting things coming down the pike these days, and I'm feeling rejuvenated by the no-longer-sweltering, crisper air these days that comes hand in hand with light that seems to turn the world to gold. More soon.

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