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“These songs come from my experiences,” singer-songwriter and pianist Jon Fuller says of his latest 7-song EP, The Art Of Denial. “After all, what is the meaning of a moral if there isn’t a story behind it?”

The Art Of Denial is an artistic high watermark. For one, prior to recording, Jon was able to live with these songs for three years and he road tested them on tour before recording them. The EP is also special because of its warm and vibey instrumentation; the result of an organic recording process where ace musicians that have passed in and out of Jon’s life dropped by the studio to lend their talents. The Art Of Denial is a refreshingly diverse album, traversing funk-pop, jazzy-folk, and acoustic balladry. Jon’s strong musical voice holds the prismatic collection together, as does the EP’s focused thematic bend. “The thorough line in the songs is relationships in all forms,” Jon reveals. The Art Of Denial surveys relationships with yourself, family bonds, and romantic connections. The EP’s title is also intriguingly layered, referencing denial of reality as well as the Buddhist tenet of denial of desire as a way to alleviate suffering. “I love nuanced wordplay and double meanings,” Jon shares.

Select EP highlights include the tracks “Divide By Zero,” “Stop The Ocean,” and “Dopamine Machine.” “Divide By Zero” boasts rocking loud/soft dynamics, alternating between crunching guitar passages and sweetly subtle melodic passages decorated with inventive vocal rhyme schemes, soulful piano passages, and lush harmony vocals. This song is a song of the self where Jon bravely, and poetically, grapples with his anxiety and depression—it’s a mirror to his soul. The elegantly emotive “Stop The Ocean” is a gorgeous autobiographical ballad that chronicles the slow unraveling of a love relationship. Adding more poignancy to the track is the stunning performance courtesy of guest female vocalist Manjula Raman, Jon’s close friend of 20 years. The slinky “Dopamine Machine” is a bluesy and funky commentary on disconnection in the age of connection—the track is rife with playfully irreverent social commentary.

Jon's debut album, Skipping Away from Dissonance, received airplay on independent and college radio stations and was featured on WVIA-FM's end-of-year Best Of list. He is nominated for two 2020 Just Plain Folks awards, and his music was licensed for promotional materials for the Broadway show Peter and the Starcatcher.


1. Divide by Zero

Featured instruments: electric guitar, piano

Genre: rock, pop

2. Litany of Heartbreak

Featured instruments: piano, synth lead, cello

Genre: pop

3. Bones

Featured instruments: piano, acoustic guitar

Genre: singer-songwriter, ballad

4. Get Down

Featured instruments: acoustic guitar, horns, piano

Genre: cabaret, folk, musical theatre

5. My Exception

Featured instruments: piano, acoustic guitar, strings

Genre: acoustic, singer-songwriter

6. Dopamine Machine

Featured instruments: Wurlitzer, horns

Genre: pop, jazz

7. Stop the Ocean  (feat. Manjula Raman)

Featured instruments: acoustic guitar, piano

Genre: acoustic, singer-songwriter, ballad


"Get Down is as fun and funky as anything that comes out of the pop laboratories of the mainstream music industry... It is also a song that reminds us that before the identikit beats and studio tricks that flavour modern music became the modus operandi, songs sunk or swam based on more honest factors. An infectious tune, listenable lyrics, a good groove and some clever musicianship and you were away. And that is everything that Get Down is. Throw in a wonderfully charming video and you have the full package."  

-- Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture


"This is definitely one of the most enjoyable songs I've heard this year."  

-- The Ratings Game (5 out of 5 rating)


"This is the most perfect example of an artist who has a really smart vision with his lyrical skills and songwriting." 

--The Bandcamp Diaries


"Top-notch energy, great vibe and signature sound."

--Sound of Now



Divide by Zero
Get Down
Dopamine Machine
Stop the Ocean

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My Exception (live at Kulak's Woodshed, August 10, 2018)

Divide by Zero (live at Kulak's Woodshed, August 10, 2018)


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